Leukopenia Symptoms

The decrease in the white blood cells count in the human blood is known as Leukopenia. This disease affects the ability of the body to counter diseases and infections. Leukopenia Symptoms may not be detected easily. The white blood cells present in the blood do the job of protecting the body against infections and diseases.

The standard number of white blood cells in the human body is between 4×109 and 1.1×1010 in a liter of blood. It becomes very low in Leukopenia. It can cause through side effects of medical treatments, and therefore the doctor check whether to continue, drop or change the medical treatment being given to the patient.

The mild Leukopenia is not a matter of great worry but the severe one can allow great infections to attack a patient’s body. Regular or unusual infections, particularly constant GINGIVITIS or periodontitis, might be there as Leukopenia symptoms.

There are various Leukopenia symptoms. If the disease is in a mild stage it doesn’t displays symptoms, but if the condition worsens more, then it can show symptoms which can even be life threatening. At the beginning very common types of signs are displayed like fatigue, increased infection rate, and weakness.

As the condition gets critical other symptoms like fever, abdominal pain etc. may follow. If the thing is left untreated, then other leukopenia symptoms might occur like pneumonia and other different blood disorders because of low count of white blood cells. If a person gets any individual symptoms then he should get it checked from the doctor immediately.

Neutropenia is also an indicatior of Leukopenia symptoms. Neotropenia is a problem in which the neutrophils starts reducing, which is the major among the white blood cells becomes low. The infection risk is usually indicated by this neutrophil count. In the case of mild leucopenia, the leucopenia symptoms may not be clearly seen but in severe cases it is seen at a beginning stage.

  • It is a condition in which the red blood cells notice a drastic decrease.
  • Menorrhagia in which there is a heavy and longer menstruation period.
  • Metrorrhagia in which uterus notices bleeding due to some kind of infection.
  • A condition that can be characterized by headache, fatigue, and disturbed behavior can be termed as Neurasthenia.
  • A type of blood disease is thrombocytopenia. This type of leucopenia symptoms occur when less number of blood platelets is there in the body.
  • When the mucous lining gets inflamed, then the stomatitis is the term used for this situation. Mouth parts like the gums, cheeks, tongue, etc can have these mucous lining.
  • Liver abscesses are the situation in which the liver gets stuck with a kind of bacterial infection. Though it is quite rare, but critical.
  • Headache, fatigue and fever are the other concerned leucopenia symptoms. There may also take place hot flashes and bad temper.
  • The patient becomes prone to different infections and oral ulcers.
  • The affected person develops strong wish to drink hot drinks.
Leukopenia Symptoms
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