What Is Leukopenia Disease ?

What is Leukopenia Disease? Leukopenia, is also called leukocytopenia, is a kind of disease occurred when the blood has unusually low amount of WBCs or White Blood Cells. This article will surely give an answer to Leukopenia Disease. This disease got its name from the Greek word, which means “deficiency” and “white”.

Due to a rapid decrease in the quantity of WBCs present in the blood, it results in huge risk of getting the infection. The prime cause of Leukopenia is the reduction in the amount of neutrophils or the extensive use of neutrophil. However, there is not a perfect answer to the question aboutLeukopenia Disease.

The secondary causes may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, myelofibrosis, leukemia, aplastic anemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and influenza. The causes also include some kind of cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue. Leukopenia Disease has always been on top of the searches made by the researchers involved in this work.

Occasionally, leukopenia is caused because of Rickettsial infections, folate deficiencies, spleen enlargement, sepsis, and psittacosis. Other causes may be the deficiency in specific minerals like zinc and copper. Moreover, medications like immunosuppressive drugs, antipsychotic drugs, interferons, and few antidepressants result in a specific decrease of White Blood Cells.

When there is a decrease in the number of platelets present in the blood, this condition is known as thrombocytopenia. It is seen in the cases of Leukopenia. It is treated with vitamins, immune-suppressants, and steroids. However, many people are there that might be looking for an answer to Leukopenia Disease. It does not always mean that the individual also have thrombocytopenia.


The symptoms of this disease are seen only in a strict case. The symptoms are not seen in gentle case of this disease. The severe cases may include pneumonia, anemia, mouth inflammation, and liver abscess. There are signs of fever, irritability, headache, and desire for hot drinks. In women, the periods may be heavier and last longer than the usual ones. They may experience hot flashes in this disease.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

The diagnosis of this disease can be done by a simple blood test. The blood test will calculate the quantity of WBCs present in the blood. His blood test is known as complete blood count. This is usually the only way of detecting the decrease of WBCs in the blood.

The treatment for this disease starts with steroids and vitamins. This will excite the marrow to produce additional leukocytes. During the suffering, of this disease and the process of its treatments, the risk of getting infections, AIDS, and cancer increases because of the decrease in immunity of the body. These statistics will help one who wants answers about Leukopenia Disease.

This disease is not critical at the time of decrease in WBCs count. However, it can result in a death if the body of the infected patient does not fight. Decrease in the counts of WBCs can lead the patient to different parasitic diseases. The patient’s body is in a delicate state when the immune system is compromised.

One must have a regular, complete blood check test, which acts as a part of physical exam yearly. It is a superior way to check any issues with the amount of blood cells. This test will help to locate the troubles before they become out of control. Complete blood cells test must have to be a part of any physical checkup in a regular basis.


What Is Leukopenia Disease ?
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