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What Is Leukopenia Disease ?

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What is Leukopenia Disease? Leukopenia, is also called leukocytopenia, is a kind of disease occurred when the blood has unusually low amount of WBCs or White Blood Cells. This article will surely give an answer to Leukopenia Disease. This disease got its name from the Greek word, which means “deficiency” and “white”.

Due to a rapid decrease in the quantity of WBCs present in the blood, it results in huge risk of getting the infection. The prime cause of Leukopenia is the reduction in the amount of neutrophils or the extensive use of neutrophil. However, there is not a perfect answer to the question aboutLeukopenia Disease.

The secondary causes may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, myelofibrosis, leukemia, aplastic anemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and influenza. The causes also include some kind of cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue. Leukopenia Disease has always been on top of the searches made by the researchers involved in this work.

Occasionally, leukopenia is caused because of Rickettsial infections, folate deficiencies, spleen enlargement, sepsis, and psittacosis. Other causes may be the deficiency in specific minerals like zinc and copper. Moreover, medications like immunosuppressive drugs, antipsychotic drugs, interferons, and few antidepressants result in a specific decrease of White Blood Cells.

Leukopenia Symptoms

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The decrease in the white blood cells count in the human blood is known as Leukopenia. This disease affects the ability of the body to counter diseases and infections. Leukopenia Symptoms may not be detected easily. The white blood cells present in the blood do the job of protecting the body against infections and diseases.

The standard number of white blood cells in the human body is between 4×109 and 1.1×1010 in a liter of blood. It becomes very low in Leukopenia. It can cause through side effects of medical treatments, and therefore the doctor check whether to continue, drop or change the medical treatment being given to the patient.

The mild Leukopenia is not a matter of great worry but the severe one can allow great infections to attack a patient’s body. Regular or unusual infections, particularly constant GINGIVITIS or periodontitis, might be there as Leukopenia symptoms.