Causes Leukopenia Disease

There are many causes Leukopenia Disease but let us first know what leucopenia is? When there is an abnormal reduction in the number of white blood cells which usually results in reducing the immune system function. Leukopenia can be caused through use of some drugs or through other health problems.

Causes Leukopenia Disease

Mentioned below is the reason that causes Leukopenia Disease according to their severity.

Causes of mild leukopenia : there are some mild effects like influenza or other less severe infections that bring down the manufacture of white blood cells in the blood on a temporary basis because of more production of bacteria and viruses in the human body. This problem doesn’t persist for long time and it automatically gets corrected as the infection subsides itself.

The human body then starts manufacturing enough amounts of white blood cells and come4s backs to the normal condition.  So the mild leukopenia is not that problematic and do not results in major severity but the chronic leucopenia do so.

Major causes Leukopenia Disease :

  • The first major causes Leukopenia Disease is Leukemia in which the bone marrow starts manufacturing abnormal white blood cells in large numbers, abnormal in the sense that they are not able to fight infections in the body.
  • The second major cause is the Systematic Lupus Erythematosus which is an autoimmune disease is generally known by the name lupus or SLE. In this cells and tissues of the human body are attacked by the immune system which results in damage of tissues and their inflammation. About one fifth of those who suffer from this problem also found suffering from leukopenia.
  • The third major cause is Chemotherapy and the treatment from radiation. People who get drugs for treatments of these are likely to get their white blood cells damaged which are formed in the bone marrow. So to fulfill this white blood cells deficiency other drugs are given to the persons suffering from the problem to increase the white blood cells count in the patients who are treated for chemotherapy and radiation.
  • The fourth major cause is the HIV infection. In persons having HIV infections the white blood cells are attacked at the very beginning of the disease because the continuing weakening of the immune systems as the time passes as well as inability to fight infections.

The above causes Leukopenia Disease are the major ones but they are only the few causes there is also some other causes for low count of white blood cells. The causes are aplastic anemia, anorexia nervosa, histoplasmosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogren’s syndrome, tuberculosis, sepsis, enlarged spleen, typhoid, malaria, hodgkin’s lymphoma and myelofibrosis.

Though these are most of causes Leukopenia Disease but still there can be other reasons which can result in low white blood cell count or in one word leukopenia. There are some common type of symptoms which exists for leukopenia which are fever, headache and fatigue. Women on the other hand can have a longer menstrual period during the problem of Leukopenia Disease.

Causes Leukopenia Disease
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